DSpace 6.x Installation

for the Impatient

Mehmet Demirel

DSpace 6.x Installation

Since some users might want to get their test version up and running as fast as possible, offered below is an unsupported outline of getting DSpace to run quickly in a Unix-based environment using the DSpace source release.

Only experienced unix admins should even attempt the following without going to the detailed Installation Instructions

Ffor the Impatient:

useradd -m dspace

wget https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/archive/dspace-6_x.zip

gzip xzf dspace-6.x-src-release.tar.gz

createuser --username=postgres --no-superuser --pwprompt dspace

createdb --username=postgres --owner=dspace --encoding=UNICODE dspace

psql --username=postgres dspace -c "CREATE EXTENSION pgcrypto;"

cd [dspace-source]/dspace/config/

cp local.cfg.EXAMPLE local.cfg

vi local.cfg

mkdir [dspace]

chown dspace [dspace]

su - dspace

cd [dspace-source]

mvn package

cd [dspace-source]/dspace/target/dspace-installer

ant fresh_install

cp -r [dspace]/webapps/* [tomcat]/webapps

/etc/init.d/tomcat start

[dspace]/bin/dspace create-administrator