DSpace Version 7.0 Now Available!
DSpace Version 7.0 Now Available!

DSpace Version 7.0 Now Available!

The long-awaited DSpace 7.0 is now available. This release introduces a brand new (Angular) user interface that brings together the best of both the JSPUI and XMLUI worlds. All the features you expect from DSpace have been redesigned and implemented. This new user interface is also powered by a brand new REST API that exposes all data and features to the web and allows DSpace to integrate and interact with external systems/services like never before. This release brings the entire user community under a single user interface, allowing us to move faster together.

Despite a global pandemic, we accelerated our development process, released a total of 5 Beta versions, and finally built the Testathon community. This release is the result of the dedication, commitment, and dedication of our community that continually fuels the DSpace program." Kristi Park, DSpace Community President and Texas Digital Library Director.

DSpace 7.0 was co-developed by more than 60 community developers led by LYRASIS, Atmire, and 4Science. Financial support was generously provided by more than 25 institutions worldwide. Please see the Release Notes for a full list of contributors. If you want to contribute to the next 7.x release, you may consider attending a future DSpace 7 Working Group meeting.

DSpace 7.0 Features

DSpace version 7.0 includes the following features:

• A new Angular-based User Interface (replacing XMLUI and JSPUI). The purpose of the new UI is to implement all the key features of both XMLUI and JSPUI in a single, modern UI.

• A new, full-fledged REST API (using modern REST best practices). The purpose of the new REST API is to implement a modern, secure, independent and scalable architecture.

• Redesigned submissions and workflows, including a one-page submission process with a drag-and-drop interface and redesigned MyDSpace.

• The new Configurable Entities object model that allows creating newly "written" Items and storing relationships between Items. This feature can be applied to external identifier systems (eg ORCID), current research information systems (CRIS), journal publishing systems, etc. Allows tighter integration with

You can find the DSpace 7.0 technical documentation here.

Due to the complexity of combining the features of the two user interfaces (XMLUI and JSPUI) and the desire to roll out 7.0 as soon as possible, the release includes the highest priority features (the most widely used). Some features have been delayed for a later 7.x release. See DSpace 7 Release Targets for more information.

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DSpace Version 7.0 Now Available!
Mehmet Demirel 9 Ağustos, 2021
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