DSpace 7 Demo Entities Data
DSpace 7 Demo Data

DSpace 7 Demo Entities Data.
About DSpace 7 Demo Data

This release tag contains test/sample Configurable Entities data which uses the following Entities: Journal, Journal Volume, Journal Issues, OrgUnit, Person and Publication. This test data also includes all default demo accounts (username/password) which appear on the demo site.

This test data is NOT meant for Production, but may be useful test/sample data for development/test environments when demoing Entity functionality.

NOTE: If you are using Docker, you can bypass the below manual instructions and just use the Docker instructions for ingesting Entities Sample Data

  1. We are assuming DSpace is already installed. The below instructions will overwrite any content within your installed DSpace.
  2. Download the latest SQL dump file (e.g. dspace7-entities-2021-04-14.sql. This provides the sample Communities, Collections, Items & Entities.
  3. Download the assetstore.tar.gz. This is sample files which correspond with the database dump.
  4. Unzip all files
  5. Copy the contents of assetstore.tar.gz into your [dspace]/assetstore folder.
  6. If you have an existing dspace database in Postgres, drop it.
  7. Now, import the database dump into Postgres. For example:
    # In this line, we are assuming your Postgres user is named "dspace"
    psql -U dspace < dspace7-entities-[date].sql
    # If you need to install this database under a different username, you may need to use
    # the 'pg_restore' command with the '--no-owner' flag. See https://stackoverflow.com/a/57748887/3750035
  8. If you would like to test the submission process for specific Entity types, then be sure to uncomment the sample Entities configuration in your [dspace]/config/item-submission.xml. That sample configuration matches this Entities data set.
  9. Start/Restart Tomcat
  10. Reindex all content
    # Rebuild search/browse indexes
    [dspace]/bin/dspace index-discovery -f
    # Rebuild OAI-PMH indexes
    [dspace]/bin/dspace oai import -c
    # Reset all Usage Statistics back to zero & optimize
    [dspace]/bin/dspace stats-util -b -r
    [dspace]/bin/dspace stats-util -o
DSpace 7 Demo Entities Data
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